Mandarin Pop

1N6Fs feat. 秋若渓(Origin: #1849)

Origin: Buried under Sea - #1849 (From Rhythm Game "TsumaMia!") Arrange & Lyrics: 1N6Fs Vocal: 秋若渓 First Release Date: 2023.6.29 English translation of lyrics: Whose obsession was submerged by the slowly rising sea level? Sea wave dashed against the false vow The love had been grounded after floating The letter paper that was carried by the drifting bottle recorded the last page of love The interwined affection that drifted with the tide was just a flash in the pan My heart was shrouded in the thick mist I lost my way and didn't know where to go Lightspot was glimmering Where was the terminal of chaotic dream? Distant meteors streaked across the lonely night sky Then they rushed towards the vast sea in a flash As the tide was gradually faded, I picked up the wet sand and piled up the spacetime which only I exist The solemn pledge of love that you once made had become a empty dream And it was immediately engulfed in the surging waves Only the gentle sea breeze softly licked my invisible and painful wound The wind is drifting away, but it's hard to find a trace after all It silently flows into the vast sea Overlooking the distance, seagulls carry nameless sorrow and fly towards the final sunset No longer clutching my fragmented dreams in my hands I jump into the raging waves Let the cold sea nibbles away at my residual temperature Freeze the pain inside my heart.