Synth Pop

Neon Evening (BMS Edit)

Kurio Prokos(presented by PizeroFox)

((a.k.a Daniel Rotwind))

Edit 19.02. - .zip re-upload to remove unused keysound ( "MolokaiMelodies_057.ogg", 2:30 lenght) and restore IR compatibility. Edit: 25.02. - added 7key Another chart. "A glittery electronic dance for a fun and chill evening. Nothing like bright lights to make a fine night really shine, huh? Hope you enjoy!" Sure feels like a night city atmosphere, doesn't it. A pleasent yet strong SynthPop song at 120BPM. It was my first choice for "Let's BMS Edit 2" as I had to choose between it and "Air Brush" last year. Since the event came back so soon, I already knew what to work on first. BGA uses a combination of Videos that was filmed with smartphone and optical camera, it's probably obvious which is which. ^^" Music by Kurio Prokos. Originally released on SoundCloud last year: