Prototype Logic (BMS Edit)

Python Blue(Presented by Ace of Beat)

((a.k.a Daniel Rotwind, the 3rd time))

"Revisiting synthwave music, but in a smaller dose. This EP, with the exception of an old unpublished track included as a bonus track, is all arranged using sounds arranged from a given synthesizer, depending on which piece. Hopefully the names of the pieces are good clues among tech heads." -Python Blue As with last year, I have decided to bring a synthesizer loveletter from Python Blue over to BMS. Prototype Logic made me think of music from an 80s/90s futuristic sci-fi movie, maybe it might just be the synthersizer that was used, tho. ^^" Fair warning, this is the first song I charted with BPM changes, so I made sure to telegraph them by adding additional linebars. Edit 1: added 7key Hyper and 9Button Normal Edit 2: added 7Key Another Music by PythonBlue Artwork was drawn by Lightsen. Originally released, April 3rd 2023.