lovely schranz ska

be-music "<3"

dandeless(mov. Snake.Ribs, desertsonq, dandeless)

10/3/22 NOTE: changed download server from MEGA to GDrive 2/14/22 NOTE: fixed [lovely] crashing in LR2 2/12/22 NOTE: BGA PRODUCTION IS COMPLETED. THANK YOU FOR WAITING. 2/4/22 NOTE: BGA IS STILL IN PRODUCTION. ADDED 2 CHARTS, REMOVED TEMPORARY FILE. 2/4/22追記:BGAはまだ制作中です。2つのチャートを追加し、一時ファイルを削除しました。 1/31/22 NOTE: BGA IS STILL IN PRODUCTION. MORE CHARTS ARE ALSO STILL IN PRODUCTION. IT WILL BE DONE BEFORE THE END OF THE IMPRESSION PERIOD. THANK YOU. 1/31/22追記:BGAはまだ制作中です。その他のチャートもまだ制作中です。インプレッション期間終了までに完成させる予定です。ありがとうございました。 _____________________________________________________________ ♥ Made with lots of "LOVE" and "CARE" ♥ Romantic BMS ♥ ......,d88b.d88b, ....88888888888 .....`Y8888888Y' .........`Y888Y' ..............`Y' ___STAFF___ ♥ dandeless: composition, charting, BGA ♥ ♥ he/they ♥ ♥ Snake.Ribs: illustration ♥ ♥ she/her ♥ ♥ desertsonq: BGA ♥ ♥ they/he/she ♥ ♥ AYhaz: charting ♥ ♥ ♥ C4: charting ♥ ♥ ___STAFF COMMENTS___ ♥ hello, this is dandeless. I am the composer of this work. ♥ I found out about Romantic BMS through the BMS Event LITE website. it was a really interesting concept to me so I decided to contribute my music to it! I tried to make a spiritual successor to "happy.mp3" from BOFXVI. "3" from BOFXVI. "