BMS Tutorial

Beginning Stage

Ace of Beat (feat. PizeroFox)(Art by Khayos)

Daniel Rotwind

(Update 15.05.2022 20:36/GMT+1 - Quick Hotfix, Typos and Keyabord Layout fixed) (.wmv and .mp4 included, LR2 and Beatoraja compatible) Hello, Hello, Hello. PizeroFox here and bringing you a modern take of a tutorial song for "Strive to Stand out." Trying to combine the important Info with a song that evolves over time, to avoid being an annoying "tutorial mode" loop-type song. I am mainly covering the game in 5 sections: Gameplay & Controls, Notes, Scratch Notes, LongNotes & LongScratchNotes. This song is intended to be a playable tutorial for people that have not played BMS (or at just starting out) and/or are new to Rhythm games. I do think I went a bit overboard with it being almost 7 minutes long... though, I wanted to be thorough on the basic details of the game and gameplay. Sadly due to time constraints I was unable to fix up some sections, so sorry for some dead air in the middle, or the info dump during the long-notes section. Big thanks to AceOfBeat for making the backing music for my lenghty talk, and Khayos for helping out in the art department. I hope to be able to work on additional translations (voiced or text-only) in the future.